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Planning for Retirement

Reassess and update your current retirement investment strategy.

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Protecting Your Wealth

Tax-efficient investing, concentrated equity solutions and insurance strategies.

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Family Gifting and Legacy Planning

Trust and estate planning strategies, charitable strategies, and education funding.

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Cash Management

FDIC bank deposit waterfall program, taxable money market funds, tax-free money market funds, FDIC-insured certificates of deposit and commercial paper.

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Corporate and Executive Services

Investment in executive transaction capabilities, planning disciplines, corporate services and equity capital markets.

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Private Wealth Management Solutions

Exclusive resources for clients with significant assets and complex needs.

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Our Process

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Step 1: Establish and Define our Client-Advisory Relationship

The strength of our Financial Advisory Process lies in its structure and flexibility, which lets us meet the needs of each individual client. Our goal in this first step is to establish and define our client-advisory relationship by:

  • Explaining the overall financial process and discussing any issues of concern to you.
  • Explaining and documenting the services we will provide.
  • Defining responsibilities — ours and yours.
  • Discussing compensation.
  • Agreeing on how decisions will be made.

Benefits to you:
By covering the structure, details of our relationship, and compensation in this first step, we are laying the foundation for a good working relationship. That way, we will avoid surprises.

Step 2: Gather Your Financial Data and Define Your Goals

The more we understand about your financial situation, the better prepared we will be to provide the valued advice and service you deserve. Our goal in this second step is to pull that relevant information together by:

  • Discussing your financial situation with you — clearly defining both your resources and your obligations.
  • Working with you to define your personal and financial needs, priorities, and goals.
  • Determining your time frame for financial results and going over the implications with you.
  • Listening carefully to better understand your values, expectations, and feelings about financial risk.

Benefits to you:
Good decision-making is the key to financial success, and good decisions come from having the right information. Values, needs, priorities, and expectations — these are all part of the equation when it comes to making good financial decisions.

Step 3: Analyze and Evaluate Your Financial Status

With the information from Step 2, we are ready to conduct an in-depth analysis of your financial status. Our goal in this third step is to identify the problem areas to solve and opportunities to pursue by:

  • Analyzing the records and documents you provide and organizing the information according to the 9 Financial Advisory categories we provide (see below).
  • Looking at possible solutions to problem areas and identifying strategies that will enable you to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Determining what you can do to meet your goals, then formulating recommendations for each of the 9 Financial Advisory categories.

Benefits to you:
The analysis done in this step is especially valuable for two reasons. First, it tells us the quality of the information gathered in step 2. Second, it indicates the care we took to understand your values, needs, priorities, goals and expectations in Step 1.

Our 9 Financial Advisory Categories

  1. Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, and Financial Statements.
  2. Banking & Advanced Cash Management
  3. Risk Management
  4. Investment Management
  1. Tax Planning
  2. Education Planning
  3. Retirement Planning
  4. Family Business Issues
  5. Estate & Legacy Planning

Step 6: Establish Milestones and Monitor Your Financial Plan Decisions

In addition to our scheduled meetings, we use 2 guidelines to determine when we need to sit down together. The first set of milestones are those times when we should review the impact of your decisions. The second set of milestones include unpredictable changes that need attention. Our goal in the sixth step will be to establish a pattern for monitoring those issues by:

  • Establishing milestone indicators (when we should review progress-to-date with you in person).
  • Meeting with you at each milestone or at a point where changes in tax laws, economic conditions, your personal financial status, etc. require new decisions.
  • Providing you with a written summary of each meeting.

Benefits to you:
Step 6 is a starting point, but it is open-ended. This transforms your financial plan into a living entity that will never become outdated.

Step 5: Implement Your Financial Decisions

Plans tend to sit on shelves and be ignored. To us, completing the plan is only part of our responsibility to you. Our goal in the fifth step is to set the process in motion by:

  • Developing a working agreement with you, detailing how we will implement your financial plan.
  • Determining specifically what you will do — and how we will coach you and keep you fully advised.
  • Delivering your customized Client Roadmap — a specific action plan designed to address your needs and concerns.

Benefits to you:
By completing this step, you have the confidence of knowing that your plan is in motion, and that we have begun to help you achieve your goals.

Step 4: Develop and Present Your Financial Plan

We recognize the importance of organizing and developing financial recommendations in language that you can understand. Our goal in this fourth step is to prepare a financial plan that is useful to you by:

  • Preparing recommendations based on our analysis in Step 3.
  • Meeting with you to go over those recommendations, so you can make informed decisions
  • Hearing your concerns and making revisions to your financial plan as needed.

Benefits to you:
This process, together with the previous steps, ensures that the financial plan is organized in language that is clear to you, and that it is exactly what you expected. Again, our goal is to avoid surprises.

Raymond James is a firm that was founded on the principles of financial planning. While our investment resources are extensive, our Client Advisory Process extends beyond the management of portfolios. It encompasses our clients' lifetime financial needs.

Our team brings together seasoned professionals, each with unique expertise. In an ever-changing world, we provide meaningful insights and recommendations to keep our clients on course.

Our Team

Ellis Green, CIMA®, AIF®

Senior Vice President, Investments. 28 years of industry experience, 17 years at Raymond James. Expertise: Strategic portfolio allocations and manager due diligence.

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