What Separates Us?

  • We are a TEAM: Scott and I formed our partnership in 2010. This has been great for our clients. They receive the benefit of two folks reviewing and assessing their portfolios. AND this also means that you almost always have access to someone to talk to whenever you need something.
  • We Listen: Many advisors say this. But we actually DO it. This is your money, your life and we take the time and care to hear what your goals, dreams and objectives are PRIOR to making a recommendation.
  • We share your Life Experiences: Chances are that one or both of us have experienced what you are going through. We have experienced many financial transitions in our lives that may be the reason you are looking for an advisor right now.
  • We are not a Bank: We focus on your investments and your retirement. PERIOD. Everyone needs access to a bank, and there are many good ones in our group right here. Our area of expertise and focus remains your investments.
  • Our Wealth Management philosophy: We customize a plan for YOU. Not a 'one size fits all' approach.
  • We’re thoughtful: When you come in to meet with the Bagwell Wicke Investment Group we are not going to immediately have a plan for you. We will need to think about it, ask questions of you and get to know you prior to making a recommendation.
  • We’ll give you references: We really didn’t think this was that big of a deal until we offered references to some prospects and they nearly passed out from shock. They said that we were the ONLY advisors that they had ever talked to that had offered to do this.
Bagwell Wicke Investment Group