Traci Steelman

Financial Advisor, Raymond James Financial Services

With over a decade of expertise in the financial services industry, Traci Steelman is passionate about guiding investors through the expansive realm of available investment options with a focus on investor education and personalized service.

Traci offers a range of financial services, from detailed financial planning to comprehensive portfolio reviews. Her recommendations are meticulously crafted to prioritize value and benefit for her clients. Working tirelessly, Traci aims to help individuals pursue their financial goals while balancing risk and maximizing confidence.

As a member of Raymond James, Traci has access to unparalleled financial guidance and services. Known for her prompt, transparent, and thoughtful responses to client inquiries, she ensures that clients are equipped with all the necessary information to make informed decisions aligned with realistic expectations.

Traci's journey with Raymond James began in 2017, following four years with Wells Fargo Advisors and Edward Jones. A proud alumna of Grand Canyon University with a degree in Accounting, she has a diverse professional background, having served as an accountant, tax preparer, and registered client relationship manager.

Outside the financial realm, Traci is an active member of the Plano/North Dallas Polka Dot Powerhouse, the Plano Rotary Club, Richardson Chamber of Commerce, and Trail Sisters. Residing in Richardson, TX, she is happily married with three grown children. When not in the office, Traci finds joy in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and trail or ultra running. She also nurtures her interests in reading and cooking.

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