A Perspective on who we serve

Our clients are unique individuals with different goals, resources and experiences, but in general we tend to work with people who have worked hard for many years to achieve their own wealth and success. They want to enjoy life without taking excessive and unnecessary risks with their life’s savings.

They are executives and entrepreneurs, school teachers and college professors, surgeons and nurses, CEOs and factory workers. They might be planning to retire, searching for more income from their investments or trying to create a legacy for future generations. But they are all concerned about making their money last for the rest of their lives. And they are looking for someone they feel they can trust.

Once they find us and become a part of our extended family, our clients tend to stay with us for generations. In fact, we currently work with many of our clients’ children and grandchildren, some of whom we’ve watched grow up and attend college with funds we’ve helped their families invest over the years.

In Raymond James, we found a firm that gives us the freedom to provide our clients financial advice in the manner that best suits them.
Adam C. Brown, CRPC®, Vice President, COO & Wealth Advisor