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Is there a minimum account requirement to work with you?

We do not hold out a minimum account size but rather look for a strong mutual fit. If for some reason we are not the right fit for you, we aim to get you pointed in the right direction. A good fit means there is philosophical alignment, and that you have challenges we can help address in a meaningful way, so that you find value in working together and for the fees that are paid.

What type of clients do you work with?

When we begin working together, many of our clients are busy, successful professionals who don’t want to do it all on their own and would like to have a trusted (and unstuffy) partner to help guide significant financial decisions. Clients who partner with us tend to be high-income earners in fields like medicine, or they run their own businesses. Many have a household income of $250k+ and investable assets of $500k+ if still working and $2MM or more if retired.

We work best with clients who seek continuous personal growth, not just financial growth. They value health and relationships as much as any other asset, have a positive mindset, and generously support their favorite charitable causes.

How much do you charge?

For a new relationship, there is a flat-fee for planning that begins at $5000 for a one-year engagement. To manage assets, our annual advisory fees for assets under management (AUM) range from .85% to 1.35% for most clients. We do not offer hourly or project-based engagements.

Rather than focus on investments alone, we take a thorough, 360-degree approach to wealth management and sound financial planning. I think of it as a ‘wellness approach’ that helps achieve a balance between money and life, and makes decisions so much easier.

~   Karen Coyne, CFP©   ~