to bring balance to your life

Our clients lead very busy lives. Between families, careers and businesses, they have little time to think about – much less manage – the many financial responsibilities that accompany success. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves, and our business, to helping them bring balance to their lives.

We take a hands-on approach in order to concentrate on each detail of your financial life as well as your personal values and objectives, then draw upon our expertise – as well as work with your other professional advisors – in order to plan the best course of action for pursuing your goals.

When it comes down to it, our goal is to help you balance the task of managing and preserving your wealth so you can take the time to do other things that enrich your life – whether in your business or with your family, or both.

Karen L. Coyne, CFP©

Strategic Wealth Advisor
Investment Management Consultant

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We enjoy having the independence to focus completely on the needs of our clients and full access to the depth of resources at Raymond James in order to fulfill those needs as we see fit. We are not held to proprietary products, managers or corporate agendas, which gives us the flat-out ability to do what’s right for clients.

~   Karen Coyne, CFP©   ~