of your affairs

Due to the complexities of our clients’ lives – from family finances entwined with the legalities of a personal business, to complicated tax planning and beyond – it takes a team of trusted advisors who advise and assist. One of the most important aspects of the service we provide is the coordination of the many professionals involved in managing your personal financial planning. This includes working with CPAs, attorneys, family members, trustees and others.

We believe that by coordinating our planning with other key advisors – an extended team, if you will – we help add value to client relationships and can create a more holistic and satisfying financial planning experience.

With your consent, we will network with these professionals to help ensure complete and cohesive management of your financial affairs. The result is that all your account records are kept up to date and conveniently maintained in a single location.

And since our goal is the total well-being of our clients, we can also offer referrals to professionals who provide expertise that complements and broadens our own. We have established relationships with professionals in many disciplines, including those that extend beyond the typical financial realm. This includes personal and professional coaches, consultants, and trainers who can help improve practice management and performance, address career roadblocks and much more.

*The professionals with whom we work are independent entities and are not endorsed or sponsored by Raymond James.