Cathy Logan
Cathy Logan Senior Client Relationship Associate

Cathy delivers a high level of service to each of her team’s clients. Knowledgeable and responsive, she provides timely, accurate and meaningful answers to client questions and makes their needs her top priority. The backbone of all things administration, she does everything from providing support for her team’s client accounts and scheduling to preparing documents for important client meetings. Her goal is to always ensure clients have an effortless and pleasant experience when they visit the office.

Before joining her team in February 2014 as a client associate, Cathy spent 15 years as a resident director’s assistant at Merrill Lynch. In 2021, she joined Raymond James.

Cathy and her husband, Wayne, live in Anderson, South Carolina. She has two adult children and two grandchildren. Aside from spending time with her family, Cathy is an avid reader who treasures the opportunity to get lost in a book.