Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen, MBA, WMS™ Managing Director Senior Vice President, Investments

Michael is a Wall Street veteran with 50 years of experience in the financial services industry. In addition to being the founder of Cohen Financial Management, he serves as a managing director, financial advisor, thought leader and bond/fixed income specialist.

His goal is to help clients pursue financial independence by serving as their confidant and offering guidance for all aspects of their lives – from how to help their children manage their inheritance, to helping aging individuals who are caring for their family members, to teaching parents how to raise financially savvy children.

Michael enjoys working with investments because of the entrepreneurial aspect of the industry, the problem-solving element and the opportunity to have personal involvement with people. Even after five decades, Michael chooses to continue his work because, to him, it’s a labor of love. He also finds great pleasure in working alongside his son, Ben, and seeing him confidently guiding Cohen Financial Management for the next generation.

Michael and Ben established Cohen Financial Management of Raymond James in 2014. For nearly 40 years previously, he was a limited partner and Chicago options coordinator at Bear Stearns, which became part of J.P. Morgan in 2008.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Roosevelt University, where he was the top accounting student. He went on to earn an MBA from Indiana University, where he taught tax accounting while pursuing his doctorate. He is also a past president of the Chicago chapter of the Indiana University Alumni Association.

A native of Chicago, Michael now lives in Bannockburn, Illinois, with his wife, Edie. They have three grown children, Jonathan, Adam and Ben.

Michael is an active member of the theatre-going community in Chicago, as well as New York, where he and his wife maintain an apartment and spend one week a month. They are subscribers of the Roundabout Theatre in New York, the Manhattan Theatre Club, Steppenwolf Theatre and Writers Theater. Michael is also an avid fan of college basketball.

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