Judy Nelson Office Manager

We believe we are one of the premiere family practices in the Western Chicago Suburbs, and the professionals at Foundation Wealth Strategies have a growing need to know and service our clients in a variety of ways. Judy holds the Office Manager title which requires her to wear a variety of different ‘hats.’ She schedules and prepares strategic client reviews, manages new client onboarding, and facilitates social media and community relations communications. Her sense of humor helps her create a strong rapport with each of our clients which helps to reduce anxiety, especially in a field that carries stress for so many people.

Judy brings trustworthiness and confidence to individuals on a daily basis because she cares for each family member. Her background as a parochial school secretary proves her willingness to go above and beyond as a strong and faithful steward. Her attention to detail and warm personality ensures that every question is answered. She strives to communicate well and ensure our clients have a strong knowledge base on important topics through her event planning specialty.

A belief that "knowledge gives power, and power to make the ‘right’ decisions about one’s financial future is paramount to a bright future" is the mantra by which Judy lives. She is passionate about giving the power of smart decision-making to families through her service to them on a daily basis.

Judy lives in Batavia with her husband, two sons and two GIRL cats (had to even out the playing field somehow). She loves to volunteer with her church and her kids’ booster club. In her spare time, she enjoys watching sporting events and visiting her extended family in Minnesota.