A tradition of watching over your wealth

Financial decision making can be separated into two categories: The day-to-day decisions that allow you to make progress on your long-term goals and critical moments that can shape the rest of your life, like selling a business.

35+ years specializing in helping owners transition the wealth of their business in a tax efficient way.

 Throughout your life, when those critical moments occur, the most successful outcomes are the ones where you make a decision with the help of people that have been there before you. Working with professionals, dedicated to helping you achieve the best outcome can reduce stress and unlock wealth you never knew existed.

Griffin Wealth Management was founded on the idea that your life, your business, your needs and your goals are all unique to you. It follows then, that we believe the right way to serve your best interest is to tailor a financial plan specific to you and your family. Like the griffin, we are committed to preserving our clients’ most important assets, reduce the tax burden and help navigate those critical moments in life.

Planning &follow-through

In choosing an advisor, there are many factors to consider. We believe our team’s tenure in the industry, professional designations and our unwavering commitment to clients are what allow us to stand out from other financial services practices.

Goals worth striving for aren’t achieved overnight but a goal-oriented mindset can be.
Kevin P. Doyle, Senior Vice President, Investments