History of the GRIFFIN

The griffin is a legendary creature, half lion and half eagle. The lion was traditionally considered to be king of the beasts, and the eagle, king of the birds. As a result, the griffin was thought to be especially powerful and majestic – and the king of all creatures. During Medieval times, griffins were well-known symbols for guarding the treasures and possessions of kings and queens.

The griffin is also the official mascot of The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia – the second oldest college in America, preceded only by Harvard University. The coat of arms of King William and Queen Mary was adorned with lions, and the lion’s body evokes the historic royal founding and early history of the college. The eagle’s head references the national symbol of the United States.

The College of William & Mary is the alma mater of our founding partner, Kevin Doyle, and his wife, Grace. The griffin – and all it represents – serves as the appropriate symbol of the unrelenting commitment Griffin Wealth Management has to its clients.