Your life’s work is more than an asset

Working with business owners starts with a simple understanding: Your business is much more than a financial instrument. Instead, it is a tangible representation of your drive and industriousness. You may even see it as reflection of you and your values. Advice that fails to understand those truths fails to understand the needs of business owners at the most critical intersections of their personal, financial and business lives.

From that foundation, we can work with you to help you understand important timelines and considerations for your personal and business wealth throughout your career and the life of your business. This may include a business succession or the eventual full or partial sale of the business. With family-owned and family-run businesses, it can also include the creation of structures that preserve the business while creating equity that benefits the family’s other financial goals.

Through your careers, we can also help you manage risks particular to your situation, helping to preserve your and your family’s wealth from the peaks and valleys of the business cycle.

Eventually, we can also guide you through the succession process. Your goals will remain in the lead as we help you discover your business’s value. We will help you plan for the transition from being a high-income earner to receiving a significant single sum. And in coordination with your tax attorney and other financial professionals, we can help you manage your tax liability as you transition to this next stage of your life.