Having an investment philosophy helps you stay true to your principles in the face of market fluctuations, fleeting trends and irrational investor behavior.

In our view, the market often overreacts to good and bad news, resulting in stock price movements that do not necessarily correspond with companies’ long-term fundamentals. At any given time in the market, there are certain stocks that are undervalued, not due to any fundamental weakness, but by stock prices that have been overly influenced by investor emotion. We see the potential value in these scenarios and work to identify these opportunities. As value investors, we actively seek stocks that we believe the market has undervalued.

Experience has taught us many things over the years and given us a philosophy about investing that can only come from such a long-term perspective.

Virtues of a successful investor

  • Avoid Self-destructive Investor Behavior
  • Understand That Crises Are Inevitable
  • Don’t Attempt To Time The Market
  • Be Patient
  • Don’t Let Emotions Guide Your Investment Decisions
  • Recognize That Short term Underperformance Is Inevitable
  • Disregard Short term Forecasts And Predictions