Kyle Barnhouse bio photo
Kyle Barnhouse Operations Director, KWM Branch Professional, RJFS

Kyle applies special attention to communication and problem-solving in his approach to streamlining and maintaining operations at Karageorge Wealth Management. He believes that active listening and brainstorming can help provide more personalized service to clients as well as make day-to-day business run smoother and more efficiently. His genuine curiosity about people and their stories allows him to cultivate deep personal relationships, better serving all with whom he works.

A graduate of Ohio University, Kyle is the recipient of a Master of Science degree in clinical exercise physiology as well as a minor in psychology. Prior to joining Karageorge Wealth Management, he spent six years working as a healthcare coordinator in Columbus, Ohio. His diverse background provides a distinct perspective and helps to bolster the diversity of thought at Karageorge Wealth Management.

On a day-to-day basis, Kyle implements processes to enhance operational efficiency and collaborates with financial advisors to develop holistic approaches to serving the needs of each individual client. He helps to identify obstacles and works to provide strategies to help overcome them.

Outside the office, Kyle enjoys reading and exploring the outdoors. He currently resides in Athens, Ohio, with his wife, McKenzie, and daughter, Adrienne.