Andrew Armati bio image
Andrew Armati Vice President, McDermott-Armati Wealth Strategies, LLC Investment Professional, RJFS

Andrew Armati is a Financial Advisor with McDermott Armati Wealth Strategies. He graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelors degree in Finance, and received his brokerage and investment advisory licenses shortly after joining the McDermott-Armati team in January of 2020. He is passionate about working with his clients to help meet their financial goals through a highly collaborative planning process. Andrew utilizes leading edge financial planning software to design and track in-depth retirement plans and implement tailored investment strategies for his clients. He also uses his fundamental and technical analysis skills to develop and monitor client portfolio’s, focusing on risk management as the primary goal.

Outside of financial planning, Andrew enjoys cooking for his family and friends, hiking with his dog, and spending time outdoors.