Greg Collins
Greg Collins Strategic Wealth Advisor President, Midwest Wealth Strategies

Over the past 6 years, Greg has helped many clients chart the very personal course of wealth management. His passion is guiding clients on the path to retirement, where they can focus on life's true assets - family, friends, and time to travel, unwind, laugh, and enjoy life.

Working closely with a team of professionals, including tax advisors and attorneys, Greg is able to identify and address the "financial blind spots" of his clients. He has helped replace outdated retirement plans, implement plans to increase income, decrease taxes and maximize retirement savings, while generously supporting their favorite charitable organizations.

Since his childhood, Greg has been fascinated by the world of personal finance, and the challenges that accompany managing financial resources. Greg knows there are things we can and cannot control in life. Yet, with a basic level of planning, he can help his clients work toward their financial goals. And, with advanced planning, he can help his clients create legacies that may last far beyond their own life time.

Greg earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Lake Superior State University, a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida and an associate’s degree from Edison Community College in Fort Myers, Florida..

When he is not in the office, Greg enjoys spending time with family and friends, cruiser boating, and playing sports like hockey and golf.

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