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Rob and Brendan’s “Five Financial Must-Haves” For Your Financial Well-Being in the New Decade

1. A Sense Of Your Own Priorities and Goals – Shared with Your Advisor

Some people will be able to achieve all that is important to them and live out their later years in style. Most will not.

Having a sense of your own, and your family's, priorities and goals for the long-term will help to ensure that you do the best with what you’ve got for greater confidence in your financial future.

2. A Sound Financial Plan

Simply, a good financial plan clarifies what is most important to you in your financial life, retirement, or over the long-term, so that your investment plan and portfolio are set up to meet your goals. The decision to begin the financial planning process should not be taken lightly, nor should it be put off. The earlier your plan begins, the greater potential for rewards.

Without an updated plan, you are "planning to fail by failing to plan."

With the market turbulence and economic jolts over the past few years, most individuals and families will need to create a new plan or update their current one so that it is relevant today.

3. A Trusted Advisor To Help To Convert That Plan Into Reality

It is a mistake to think you are more diversified (and taking less risk) if you spread your money around to different financial advisors. Actually, you can expose your portfolio to much more risk than you intend, and incur higher fees besides.

A trusted advisor will help you to:

  • Uncover and set your financial priorities,
  • Create an appropriate financial game plan for you, and
  • Develop the investment strategy that is designed to maximize your chances of reaching your goals.

No one needs someone who is just "selling investments."

4. Ongoing Investment Management

It is our belief that the days of "buy and hold" of a few core investments are over . . . and not coming back any time soon. The strategies which worked for our parents or grandparents' generation are obsolete.

Investors today need someone who will actively monitor and try to improve a portfolio based on the changes in the economy, markets, and a variety of other external factors.

5. The Ability to Periodically Ask and Answer . . . "What If?"

Even if you and your advisor keep up with the external market and economic volatility, your life does not remain constant. You may face health issues or job changes. You may be presented with opportunities such as to buy a new home or take a "trip of a lifetime."

These are what I call "What if...” Questions that our clients encounter. They gain greater confidence knowing their advisor along with their financial plan can provide input based on experience and detailed knowledge of their situation.

For example:

What if Social Security isn't there for me?

What if my spouse or I have an extended stay in a long-term care facility?

What happens to my plan if we see hyper inflation?

What if the tax law changes?

What if my children need an investment for a new business?

What if I lose a portion of my income?

So What Explains Our Approach?

What is behind our ability to provide each and every client with these Five "Must-Haves?" It comes down to an approach to each client that is multifaceted, disciplined, and custom tailored. It's an approach honed over more than 34 years of experience.

We start with listening:

"Whatever you can dream, we will put on paper and see how we can help you achieve your dreams."

"First and foremost, we never hold back when it comes to helping you plan for the life you desire. There is so little customer satisfaction today. We intend to supply the difference."

To put these "5 Must-Haves" to work for you contact us now by calling 701-852-3090 or contact us here.