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Have you been disappointed with the performance of your investments over the past 10 years?

Does your investment strategy maximize your chances of reaching your goals?

Do you lack a well-defined investment strategy that adapts to the changing markets?

Investing Strategically

First, our strategic investment approach begins with you – your goals and views of risk – and your financial plan.

Then, together we develop your asset allocation to help you maximize your chances of reaching your goals.

Next, we actively manage your advisory accounts to respond to opportunities and risks created by market movements and the current economy.

Finally, we keep your portfolio in line with your overall financial plan and your views on risk. This is accomplished through rebalancing your portfolio and revisiting your goals.

After establishing reasonable investment goals and personal risk preference, we usually apply a combination of Strategic Asset Allocation and Tactical Asset Management.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Sound investment decisions are based on facts and careful research, not emotions.

For most clients, the proposed investment portfolio will be diversified across all asset classes with a blend of equities, fixed income, and perhaps real estate and other low-correlated alternative investments.

Our belief is much of the growth potential and managing downside risk and diversification is provided by the right asset allocation.


Tactical Asset Management to Respond To Today’s Risks and Opportunities

In addition, we combine with Strategic Asset Allocation what we call a "Tactical Asset Management Twist." That's where we keep the lines of communication open to discuss decreasing or increasing holdings to reflect changes identified in the economy or the markets.

We also take into account the potential tax issues that can place a significant drag on the client's long-term ability to build and preserve wealth.

Other financial professionals may consider the hard work to be over once the portfolio is established. This is the time, however, when we put in additional effort for the long-term benefit of our clients.*

Experience the Difference Our Investment Strategies Bring to Our Clients

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*Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected, including diversification and asset allocation

Raymond James does not provide tax services. Please discuss these matters with the appropriate professional.