Helping you address your retirement planning priorities

Will Your Assets Last Through Your Retirement?

You can discover an answer to this question through retirement planning. Without a plan you may be going into retirement blind.

A plan can give you greater confidence in your financial future by helping you avoid the costly mistakes many people are making. A plan can help you take care of all the pieces in your retirement puzzle.

Retirement Planning

Sound retirement planning helps to answer questions such as:

Will I have enough money to cover expenses in retirement?

Can I achieve my goals for retirement?

Is investing in an IRA appropriate for me?

If so, which type of IRA is suitable for my specific situation?

What can I do to deal with the inflation risk?

When should I start taking Social Security?

How can I best supplement Social Security income?

Have I effectively addressed income and estate tax liabilities?

How can I protect my savings should a medical crisis arise?

Am I doing enough to preserve my estate as it passes to my heirs?

Experience The Financial Planning Difference . . .Helping You Puruse Your Dreams For Retirement

The retirement planning process can be complex. We can simplify the process for you to help ensure that you are on track for financial independence. If there are others who need to be drawn into your retirement planning team, we are prepared to act as your team's quarterback to coordinate family members, your CPA, your estate or tax attorney, and others.

Our best advice is to act now. We invite you to discover how much difference personalized retirement planning can make in your life. Please call Rob or Brendan Dick at 701-852-3090 or send an email to and

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.