HOW WE HELP individuals facing divorce

If you are going through a divorce, we can guide you through the many financial details, from dividing assets to mitigating taxes. Do you or your spouse own a business? If so, it could be your most valuable marital asset, but if it is a primary source of income, it may not make financial sense to sell or liquidate it.

What about the house? Deciding whether to keep or sell the house you’ve lived in together can be one of the most complicated decisions you face, as it presents both emotional and financial issues. Who gets what? And how will this affect your future? We can calculate scenarios to project the short- and long-term impact of various settlement options so you understand the financial consequences of your divorce agreement.

We are proponents of collaborative divorce, where couples seek to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon settlement through negotiation. As an alternative to the traditional court-based divorce, it can save time, money and litigation.

The highly emotional courtroom environment is not the place to determine how your marriage should be dissolved, and especially when children are involved. A collaborative process can remove the courtroom entirely, while maintaining privacy for you and your family.

Divorce can also be a highly emotional process. A therapist, clergyperson or other personal coach can be invaluable, helping you deal with the stressful aspects of divorce. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Jennifer Napper is well-qualified to help bring resolution and closure to this life-changing event.

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