Life Revolves Around Family for us and our clients

We are a family-oriented and family-run team, with with Gary Wardein and his daughter, Erin Wardein-Bethge, both serving as financial advisors here at Trailhead Wealth Partners. Having two generations on board ensures that our family legacy of providing sound financial guidance can continue well into the future – and be here for you and the next generation of your family.

What will also carry forward are our deeply ingrained values of integrity, fairness, loyalty and trust. If we had only one principle to live by, it would be “Always do the right thing.” Compassion, empathy and strength of character form the foundation of the relationships we build with the families we serve, and will remain at the root of how we will continue to do so.

“In short, our focus is – and always will be – on you.”
Gary L. Wardein, CIMA®; Senior Vice President, Wealth Management