The distinctions that make up our difference

Finding the right advisory team to serve as your trusted partner is essential for your financial independence and well-being. Here are the ways we stand out – and the reasons why you should give us serious consideration.

Our combination of strengths

It is not just one thing we do or a specific service we offer that sets us apart, but rather a combination of things – our investment philosophy for responsibly managing wealth and risk, our extensive education and experience, our commitment to delivering an exceptional client experience, and our well-established process for building a financial plan personalized to you – that allows us to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our global perspective

Today’s investment landscape goes beyond borders. The health of the global economy can have an impact on ours here at home. Many companies have operations and assets around the world, which can also play a role in the valuation and performance of their stock. With our global perspective, we look at the bigger picture – to help give us a better view of the world we invest in.

Our wealth management wisdom

While knowledge is power, a knowledge of managing wealth is empowering. To our way of thinking, wealth is more than just currency, it is the impetus that can propel you to greater things – to do what you desire, live the life you want and experience all the world has to offer. Let’s apply our extensive knowledge to knowing you and your aspirations – and architecting a plan designed to achieve it.

The support and services of Raymond James

As one of the largest independent financial services firms in America, Raymond James helps us serve you by providing resources such as leading edge investment research, operational and trading support, and access to industry thought leaders and cutting-edge technologies.

An unsurpassed client experience

As a cherished client of Chartwell AMG, you can expect to receive an exemplary degree of financial counsel designed to empower your life, accompanied by an uncompromising level of attentive service catering to every need – to make you feel as if you are our one and only client.

Joseph Klauzar is a problem solver who enjoys finding resolution for even the most complex financial scenario. He applies his extraordinary degree of experience, insight and perspective to the dynamic intricacies of wealth.

There is a pride and comfort in knowing that your financial affairs are being looked after and cared for in such a thorough, personal and comprehensive manner.