for busy physicians

As a physician with a practice, you have needs similar to a business owner. You also, however, have business concerns that are unique to the practice of medicine – like the Affordable Care Act, new and often overreaching hospital administration mandates and other regulatory issues. The healthcare landscape isn’t just changing – it’s being transformed.

We’re here to help you address these critical issues that affect you, your family and your future. We take a wellness approach toward your finances, and identify and address issues before they arise or become overly problematic. For example, are you missing out on opportunities to reduce taxes, or increase retirement savings? Will your family be provided for in the wake of an unfortunate event? Have your assets been protected against legal attack? Our goal is to focus on your complex needs, so that you can focus on what you do best.

You look after the care of many. We’re here to help care for you and your family.

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