Our dynamic asset allocation process is designed to diversify your portfolio while managing volatility and aligning with your goals.

Manager selections are a forward-looking approach, placing strong emphasis on alpha generation, the Sharpe ratio, standard deviation and the Sortino ratio.

A broad-based asset allocation approach is utilized in most models. Most models invest in approximately 10-15 investments.

In our Dynamic Asset Allocation models, we primarily invest in approximately 45-50 funds. These 45-50 funds are analyzed in detail on a monthly basis and monitored continuously against competitors (using over 400 funds and analyzing various metrics and other proprietary techniques). This analysis is the basis on which we make changes and adjustments to the various models.

The strategies are open architecture, not constrained by asset size or affiliations. Our models are hybrid approaches utilizing a variety of funds including open-end mutual funds, closed-end mutual funds and ETFS.

We aim to reduce risk and volatility by moving to cash during periods of extreme market conditions.

When deciding which asset allocation model is right for you, we will discuss multiple factors such as risk tolerance, time horizon, investment focus, etc.

We do not believe in chasing short-term results or trying to time the market but rather focus on long-term goals.