ALIGNING YOUR INVESTMENTS with your needs and goals

With decades of combined industry experience, the Elkhorn Wealth Advisors team has the knowledge and skill to serve as your central point of guidance. Using innovative and collaborative planning tools, our team will help create a comprehensive financial plan for you. From there, we design your investment portfolio around a personalized solution, aligning it with your aspirations and objectives. We’ll thoroughly stress-test the plan and gauge the probability of success, discuss priorities and explore different outcomes.

A straightforward investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is centered around the concept of delivering consistent results and adhering to a prudent risk management strategy. To best accomplish this, we use a fundamental and technical process. Fundamental analysis provides a macro view of the economy and financial markets, allowing us to recommend specific investments. Technical analysis helps us determine when to invest in those asset classes.

We believe in utilizing asset allocation as a basis for portfolio construction, with a focus on tax efficiency and after-tax returns. Our team also focuses on risk management, designed to account for concentrated stock positions, real estate or ownership in a privately held business. In executing our investment process, we use a combination of third-party money managers, proprietary strategies, alternative investments, mutual funds, ETFs and individual securities that are subject to our ongoing due diligence process.

About our name: Elkhorn Wealth Advisors of Raymond James

Coral reefs make up some of the Earth’s most diverse ecosystems. Considered the rainforests of the sea, they sustain over 25% of life in the ocean. One of the most important kinds for a reef to develop is Elkhorn coral, which provides a vital foundation for them to grow and thrive. Just as the Elkhorn coral functions in protecting the shoreline, our team strives to safeguard clients’ portfolios. Like our namesake, we seek to have a positive influence on our clients’ financial well-being, advising to preserve and sustain wealth.

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected, including diversification and asset allocation.