Goal Planning and Monitoring

Working together
to build your financial plan

Life is full of priorities. Whether it's securing a comfortable retirement, paying for a child's education, or purchasing a second home, we all have competing short and long term goals that require a personalized plan to be successful. With sound planning, we can all get a little more out of life - spending more time focused on what's important to us and less time worrying about finances.

We make financial planning an easy, informative and engaging process for our clients. With innovative and collaborative planning tools we can help you create a realistic plan designed to meet your goals. Your customized financial plan will serve as a blueprint for pursuing and achieving your goals.

Understand »

We start by learning about you and your family. Your financial path is unique because it is designed around and driven by you and your family’s priorities. The first and most essential step is having a personal introductory meeting where we gain an understanding of your personal financial vision. We will assess your current and future financial resources and establish your family’s financial goals regarding retirement, education, vacation homes, gifting and anything else unique to your individual circumstances. Additionally, we will assess your investing temperament, which will ultimately serve as the foundation for your investment allocation. It all begins with asking the right questions:

Who are you?
Who are your family members and what are they like? What is your background? What do you like to do?  How is work/school/retirement?

What are your goals?
When do you want to retire?  What do you want to do in retirement? Do you plan on paying for your children’s education? Do you expect to help elderly parents with expenses? Do you want to stay in your home or downsize?

What are your values?

What do you want for your children? What worries you? What are you most passionate about? How would you like to be remembered by your friends and family?

What is your current financial picture?

What are your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, investments, planning structures and do you have any other advisors?

What is your risk tolerance?

What is your attitude toward market volatility? What’s acceptable versus what’s ideal?  What is your investment time horizon?

Design »

Next, we’ll design your financial plan based on what you’ve shared with us. We’ll review your current financial picture by taking a full inventory of structures, assets and liabilities while considering your priorities. 

We are especially attuned to the review of your current asset allocation with respect to your goals and objectives. We utilize sophisticated assessment and probability measurement tools in order to understand the risks involved in meeting your priorities. The review gives us a basis for developing your personal strategy utilizing a variety of investment vehicles in your overall portfolio. 

We’ll propose our plan for growing, managing, preserving and transferring your wealth, spending time to present our recommendations to you, answering any questions, and outlining the steps needed to implement your plan. 

We have the financial planning tools to properly identify your goals to assess appropriate asset allocation targets, spending or savings rates, and the probability of achieving those goals.

Implement »

Now it’s time to put our plan into action. At this stage, we will implement the customized investment and wealth management plan designed to help ensure your family’s success in achieving financial independence.

Based on our research and analysis, we will implement your investment plan to include the appropriate asset classes, money managers and specific securities that create an integrated portfolio. The asset classes, managers and securities are diversified to help create a prudent and profitable portfolio.

This step also involves us creating an actionable wealth management plan. To ensure that we are making your life simple, we create a straightforward, understandable plan to help us move forward efficiently with the strategies we’ve discussed. 

During this stage we will also coordinate our efforts with your tax and legal advisors, helping to assure an integrated financial plan. 


Asset allocation and diversification do not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss. Investing involves risks including the possible loss of capital.

Manage »

We will review the progress of your plan relative to your defined objectives and suggest any changes where needed. Communication is the link that helps clients develop a deeper understanding of their financial situation and a more profound sense of confidence and trust in their advisors. In the spirit of transparency, you will receive monthly brokerage statements and quarterly performance reports on your portfolios. These reports provide details of your investments and the specific financial results for that specific time period.

In addition, we are a team that values our client relationships and we do our very best at keeping our clients informed and knowledgeable. As clients you will also receive written commentary of our investment strategy, the financial markets and the economic climate.

Most important, you will receive personal contact from us. To accommodate market volatility and any changes in your life, our team will also employ an ongoing and systematic review process to monitor your personal financial situation, investment portfolio and the financial markets. This allows us to plan ahead and efficiently make the necessary adjustments to your plan and portfolio. Through periodic phone calls, we will keep you informed of updates to your portfolio and your personal financial plan. In personal review meetings, we will provide a thorough review of our economic and markets outlook, a review of your portfolio’s performance and our investment strategy, and an update and discussion of your personal financial goals and your personal financial planning strategies.