A time-tested path to
investment planning

We have developed and refined a process that puts every piece of the financial puzzle together so that our clients have the complete picture. We are consultants. We are driven by stewardship. We ask our clients to buy into our philosophy, planning strategy and process. All of our people have a very enlightened philosophy of financial independence. With a panoramic and all-encompassing process, we provide fully integrated wealth management services that engage every service provider – a dynamic and fluid method with the ability to evolve as your life unfolds. We believe that by including all of the pieces of the puzzle, you will make good decisions based on a clear strategy rather than emotions.

The beauty of having a process is that we never lose sight of what matters to our clients. We recognize that at the end of the day, money is only a means to an end. Our process keeps us focused on how we use resources in the most beneficial way to help achieve your goals. This can be simply stated as what we’re trying to get done for you that takes time, planning and money. What are the goals you are trying to achieve? What is the timeline for achieving these goals? And how much money (in future dollars) will each goal require? These three elements are the essence of what it takes to develop goals-based and strategic financial planning.

Before determining what investments are most appropriate for your portfolio – and to develop a strategy for your financial plan – we need to know you. That’s why we take the time to listen and fully understand your current needs, future goals and tolerance for risk before making a single investment recommendation. We also understand that throughout your life – and the life of your financial plan – your needs change.

As your long-term partner in planning, we are committed to helping you prepare for and manage your assets, incorporating specific techniques – such as college funding or tax mitigation strategies – that may be appropriate for a given time, into your overall financial plan.

You want your money to work as hard as you do, and you deserve a team who can help make sure it does.

Green Wealth Management Group