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Private Wealth Management Topics

We work closely with affluent families and individuals to provide tailored financial counsel on a wide range of wealth management services, including those listed below.

We can create a custom plan to help manage wealth that comes from an unexpected event, specifically related to the sale of a closely held business, sale of real estate or other family asset, capital markets transactions such as an initial public offering, substantial inheritances, lump-sum retirement payouts, divorce, legal settlements, exercising stock options and unexpected financial windfalls.

We offer full-service asset management for clients who prefer to utilize the skills and expertise of professional money managers. A comprehensive process helps match your unique goals and risk tolerance with an asset allocation model that’s right for you – from capital preservation to asset growth designed to meet your long-term goals.

Asset Management Services – Personal asset management of individual portfolios by professional asset managers is now available to most investors. The advantages are that the manager understands the objectives of the investor and focuses all of his or her working day on the selection of investments for and the subsequent monitoring of client portfolios.

Institutional Consulting Services – Objective advice for all aspects of institutional consulting – from strategy development and investment research to reporting and periodic reviews. We understand the importance of our institutional clients meeting their investment stewardship obligations. No matter your goals, we can work with you to develop a consulting solution tailored to the needs of your organization.

Risk analysis is the process of measuring and analyzing the risk associated with financial and investment decisions. It is important in making investment decisions because of the amount of capital involved and the long-term nature of the investments being considered. A general rule of thumb is the higher the risk, the greater the return that must be earned to compensate for it.

Philanthropy can bring personal satisfaction, enabling you to support causes and organizations that matter most to you. It can result in significant tax advantages, as well – including income tax deductions, reduction of capital gains taxes, and lower estate taxes. We can help tailor a charitable giving plan for you that can include a charitable trust, donor advised fund, pooled income fund, private family foundation, community foundation or outright gift.

Whether it’s providing income for a spouse, educating children or grandchildren or leaving money to your favorite charity, proper estate planning can help ensure that your assets accumulated over your lifetime are preserved for the use you have intended.

A well-designed estate plan can effectively help mitigate your family’s tax burden. We can offer financial strategies designed to efficiently manage the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, make the most of charitable giving, maximize potential with education funding and mitigate related tax issues. By coordinating our efforts with your tax and legal professionals and working closely with you and your family, we will strive to help you establish a financial tradition that can be passed on for generations.

Through Raymond James Trust N.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, our team can offer a variety of personal trust services including serving as trustee or as an agent or custodian for individual trustees, as well as serving living trusts, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance trusts, specialty trusts and IRA rollover trusts.

Since insurance helps protect you in case of accident, illness, disability or death, it plays a crucial role in your comprehensive financial plan. Through Raymond James, we can provide a wide array of quality insurance alternatives that can offer an important layer of safety for you, your family, your business or your organization.

For example, we can help you build a protective cushion with life and disability insurance, preserve your estate with long-term care insurance and combine protection and tax-advantaged growth opportunities with annuities.

Because people are living longer today, the possibility of going 30 years without a paycheck takes careful retirement planning and disciplined investing. Once in retirement, preserving your wealth and maintaining your lifestyle are likely among your highest priorities. You aspire to stay in your home as long as you want and be able to leave behind the legacy you had envisioned. We can help you prepare for this most significant milestone in life.

You're here because you know the person that matters most in your retirement planning is you. And no matter what stage you're in – early in your career, actively contemplating retirement or already retired – we're here to help with Investing for Retirement, Nearing Retirement and Living in Retirement.

Careful planning throughout the year can assist you in reducing the taxes you pay – as well as help you achieve your financial goals. Tax planning should not be done in isolation, but driven by your overall financial goals and integrated with your total financial plan.

We take a tax-sensitive approach to financial planning and work with you and your other professional advisors – accountants, tax attorneys – to help minimize the impact of taxes. By developing and implementing strategies to lessen or shift current and future tax liabilities, we can help improve your prospects for meeting both long- and short-term objectives, such as accurately projecting your income taxes to help determine the cash flow available to you in the coming year. In addition to impacting your life today, prudent tax planning can play a large role in the amount of wealth you might be able to someday transfer to your heirs.

In addition to tax and financial planning, we employ additional strategies to help take your success even further, including year-end considerations, income tax changes and rates, key tax rules, individual retirement accounts, trust and estate income taxes, education planning and tax credits.

Managing debt and maintaining your lifestyle over the long term can be challenging. Without a reasonable budgeting plan, it is difficult to effectively manage spending. We can conduct a cash flow analysis to help you compare your income to your expenses and determine your net cash flow. This will help determine a realistic and appropriate monthly and annual budget.

Most people not only have assets that need to be managed, but liabilities such as debts, loans and mortgages as well. When one’s liabilities are greater than their assets, they can be considered highly leveraged – for instance, if they are a first-time house buyer with a high mortgage. If these liabilities are neglected or poorly managed, they can result in the sell-offs of assets. We can help you monitor and manage the financial liabilities in your life to help ensure they don’t impact your financial well-being.

Choosing the right banking partner is as much a part of financial planning as investing. As such, Green Wealth Management Group is proud to offer both traditional banking services, such as checking and savings accounts, as well as accounts that can be designed to automatically sweep funds to and from your brokerage account, through Raymond James Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial.

In addition, we can coordinate a variety of specialized services for businesses and those with significant assets through Raymond James Private Banking that include home equity loans, personal lines of credit, standby letters of credit, commercial lines of credit, certificates of deposit, residential lot loans, securities-based loans*, yacht loans, deposit accounts, small business checking, commercial checking, personal checking and online bill pay.

Having alternatives means having the options you need to fit your ever-evolving needs. We believe diversification across a broad spectrum of asset classes is the best way to help our clients meet their long-term objectives, balancing risk and return.

For those who appreciate the potential of alternative investments in a comprehensive portfolio, we offer diversification through investments such as hedge funds, managed futures, funds of funds, private equity, private real estate, and other alternative investment options. Of course, alternatives aren’t for everyone, and we’ll carefully consider the options that complement your existing financial objectives before thoughtfully moving forward.

How you borrow and manage cash can be as important to the success of your wealth plan as having the appropriate investment strategy. That’s why we offer you a complete suite of cash management, banking and lending tools that give you the power to take advantage of your unique opportunities.

You can enjoy all the features and convenience of a bank with the personal service of someone you trust and who truly understands you and your financial objectives.

Convenient Cash Management

As your wealth grows, so does the time and responsibility required to manage it. We can provide the convenience of easy access to monitor all of your finances in one central, secure location. Our integrated cash management solution, Capital Access, is designed to help you simply and flexibly manage your immediate and long-term cash needs with a host of features and benefits, including the convenience of a Visa Platinum debit card, unlimited check writing and direct deposits, among others.

Smart Borrowing Options

How you borrow and manage cash can be as important to the success of your wealth plan as having the appropriate investment strategy. That’s why we offer clients a comprehensive suite of cash management and lending solutions to integrate their day-to-day needs with their long-term ambitions.

We'll be by your side, working with your lending solutions consultant to identify borrowing options that will satisfy your lending needs and also complement your overall investment strategy.

Increase Your Buying Power

We understand opportunities knock when least expected. Depending on your situation, a Securities Based Line of Credit can be an ideal and flexible capital source that is easy to establish and maintain. A Margin loan offers another resourceful financing solution that is easy to set up, allowing you to determine your repayment schedule and the amounts all while leveraging your existing securities.

We can avoid disrupting your long-term plan by working with a lending solutions consultant to identify opportunities to borrow against existing assets in Raymond James pledged accounts.1,2

1Margin or a Securities Based Line of Credit may not be suitable for all clients. The proceeds from a Securities Based Line of Credit cannot be used to purchase or carry margin securities. Borrowing on securities based lending products and using securities as collateral may involve a high degree of risk including unintended tax consequences and the possible need to sell your holdings, which may lead to a significant impact on long-term investment goals. An investor can lose more funds than he or she deposited in the account. Market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. If the market turns against the client, he or she may be required to deposit additional securities and/or cash in the account(s) or pay down the loan. The securities in the pledged account(s) may be sold to meet the margin call, and the firm can sell the client’s securities without contacting them. An investor is not entitled to choose which securities or other assets in his or her account are liquidated or sold to meet a margin call. The firm can increase its maintenance margin requirements at any time and it not required to provide an investor advance written notice. An investor is not entitled to an extension of time on a margin call. The interest rates charged for a Securities Based Line of Credit are determined by the market value of pledged assets and the net value of the client’s Capital Access account. The interest rates charged for Margin are determined by the amount borrowed. For additional information on margin, visit

2Securities Based Line of Credit provided by Raymond James Bank. Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Bank, a federally chartered national bank.

Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Bank, N.A. Unless otherwise specified, products purchased from or held at Raymond James & Associates or Raymond James Financial Services are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or other obligations of Raymond James Bank, are not guaranteed by Raymond James Bank and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested.

Choose the Right Lending Program

The decision is as integral a part of the financial planning equation as investing. Raymond James Bank offers several types of loans, each designed to work holistically with your financial plan. They can be used for a variety of objectives, such as growing your business, purchasing a luxury item or taking advantage of other investment opportunities.

Lending services:
  • Securities lending*
  • Other lending options
  • Other banking services include:
    • Cash “sweep” to brokerage account
    • Rewards program
    • Online account access
    • Check writing
    • Overdraft protection
    • Automatic payment/fund transfer
    • Visa® debit card

* A securities based line of credit may not be suitable for all clients. Borrowing on securities based lending products and using securities as collateral may involve a high degree of risk. Market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. If the market turns against the client, he or she may be required to deposit additional securities and/or cash in the account(s) or pay down the loan. The securities in the pledged account(s) may be sold to meet the margin call, and the firm can sell the client’s securities without contacting them. The interest rates charged are determined by the market value of pledged assets and Capital Access.

You understand all too well the effort that goes into creating a successful business. It is no surprise that a successful transition – whether it be selling all or part of your business or passing it on to an heir – requires substantial work as well.

During this significant emotional and financial event, it’s imperative to have someone by your side carefully reviewing the deal and keeping your best interests in mind as you cede control of something you’ve tended to for years. You’ll also need to factor in how the proceeds will fit into your overall financial and retirement income plan – in the most tax-efficient way possible.

We can work with you to properly value your business, create a succession plan designed to maximize its financial potential, and address the details essential to all parties concerned. Alongside other professionals such as your tax professional and attorney, we work to develop a comprehensive picture – legal, structural, operational and financial – of your business. Together, we ensure your interests are well represented as you transition out of your business and move on to the next stage of your life.

Supporting a child’s education can be one of the most rewarding aspects of success and one of the most important elements in your financial plan. With rising inflation and the high cost of education, planning to contribute to another’s higher education may require an early start.

There are a variety of investment vehicles and tax-efficient options to contribute to the cost of higher education. As your trusted partner, our knowledge and professional guidance can help you analyze the tax benefits, ownership structure, risk and contribution limits involved – even what to do with your leftover education funds if your aspiring academic earns a scholarship.

529 College Savings Plan

When you invest in potential, you’ll do more than help make the dream of education possible for a student in your life. You could provide the inspiration for a legacy of higher learning that’s passed on for generations to come. What’s more, the funds you contribute have the ability to grow tax-deferred, and eventually be withdrawn, tax-free.*

UGMA/UTMA Custodial Accounts

Although UGMA and UTMA accounts are not designed specifically for college savings, they offer advantages including multiple investment options, limited tax benefits and the ability for a parent to transfer assets to a child without needing to establish a more costly trust. However, contributions to the accounts are irrevocable and parents lose control of the funds when the child becomes 18 - 21 – an age that may vary by state. We help you navigate these considerations, providing solutions tailored to your funding needs.

*Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses associated with 529 plans before investing. This and other information about 529 plans is available in the issuer's official statement and should be read carefully before investing. Investors should consult a tax advisor about any state tax consequences of an investment in a 529 plan.

Today’s longer life expectancies – people living well into their 70s, 80s and beyond – provide all of us with the hope of fully enjoying life beyond our working years. That is why we believe a great financial plan should also include smart thinking that focuses on preserving your preferred standard of living as you grow older. Financial planning that can meaningfully address these quality of life issues can make all the difference.

When it comes to planning, starting earlier is always better because you have more choices and more time to make them. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you sort through the possibilities and offer financial advice designed to guide you up to and through the retirement you’ve envisioned.

There are many scenarios that can lead to a concentrated stock position, and monetization strategies can be effective solutions for optimizing your portfolio’s performance and providing needed liquidity. We offer diligent counsel to investors, helping you implement strategies to alleviate potential risk while staying aligned with your goals.

Our experienced team is knowledgeable of tax and regulatory standards, and works prudently to preserve clients’ anonymity throughout the process. We understand the many factors our clients must take into account while managing their options, and offer the resources and expertise to ensure seamless and efficient execution.

We offer a suite of strategies to address your monetization needs, tactically using your assets to create liquidity, minimize risk and strengthen your portfolio.
  • Outright sale
  • 10b5‐1
  • Purchase puts
  • Sell calls
  • Collar
  • Variable delivery forward

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected. Options involve unique risks, tax consequences and commission charges and are not suitable for all investors. When appropriate, options should comprise a modest portion of an investor's portfolio. No statement within this document should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell a security or to provide investment advice. Prior to making any options transactions, investors must receive a copy of the Options Disclosure Document which may be obtained from your financial advisor, from or by contacting Raymond James at 880 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, FL 33716. Supporting documentation for any claims (including any claims made on behalf of options programs or the options expertise of sales persons), comparison, recommendations, statistics, or other technical data, will be supplied upon request.

Please note: changes in tax laws or regulations may occur at any time and as financial advisors of Raymond James, we do not render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

You want your money to work as hard as you do, and you deserve a team who can help make sure it does.

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