We’re with the changemakers

To create something new is an act of rebellion – sometimes subtle, sometimes world changing. At any scale, we’re here for it, putting our experience and planning resources to use supporting future builders’ goals of a bright tomorrow, for themselves and for everyone. With pragmatism and care, we shepherd their wealth in a way that serves their objectives while expressing their values.

The future builders we work with are creative, yes, but they are also creators, plucking ideas from their minds and then pursuing them to the end. We help them build on that work, their wealth and their expertise so they can chase new ideas in new spaces for their creative, entrepreneurial ambitions.

Supporting the kaleidoscope of creators

The creative class faces uncommon challenges compared to people in most other fields. We’re experienced in working through those issues – like heightened risk to earnings, erratic income and sudden wealth events – that ride alongside success in the entertainment industry and can be a source of financial anxiety.

Our clients represent a wide range of ages and occupations, each unique in their goals, needs and financial situations. We realize that such distinct lives and circumstances require tailored strategies to precisely fit each. It’s why we offer personalized guidance, applying our knowledge and insight to the specific issues and needs of each individual client in a manner aligned with what’s right for them.