Using our experience to incite progress

With empathy for others’ struggles, a mindfulness to the sources of our well-being and an appreciation of the opportunities we have been presented, we work to give back to our community and the causes closest to our hearts with financial support, time and experience.

Like our clients, we are impassioned, people-loving people. Likewise, we believe financial success is an opportunity to do good in the world.

We particularly focus on championing gender equality, financial literacy and education, and access to professional opportunities for people traditionally underrepresented in prestigious and well-paid careers – the ladders to economic stability and perpetuating progress.

Our community collaborations

We proudly support these organizations we believe are improving lives and building a better world by enabling equity, opportunity and access.

Direct advocacy

We directly participate in organizations that champion conscious capitalism and women leadership.

  • We Global Studios, Advisory Board Chair – A full-stack venture studio and ecosystem for women-led enterprise
  • The Lab, Founder – A mastermind group of women professionals

Values-aligned venture capital

We regularly collaborate with venture capital firms that give wings to potentially world-changing ideas rooted in core humanistic values.

  • Fabric Ventures – A woman-led micro-venture firm focusing on founders in the open source economy
  • Conscience Capital VC – A woman-led micro venture firm committed to values-based investing