Own the stage then create new ones

A life that defies convention shouldn’t be constrained by a lack of financial confidence. We work with performing artists to help pursue their goals in a way that aligns with their ethos, like by pursuing financial independence by wrangling intermittent torrents of income into future-focused, values-guided income streams.

Before founding GSE Impact Group, Sara Qazi was an artist manager, so she has a deep understanding of the entertainment industry, the nuances of risk and the concerns performing artists face. We can help them work to preserve their wealth in a balanced, thoughtful way, guided by values and principles.

Our clients rarely manage their careers alone. We develop strong working relationships with our clients’ agents, managers, accountants and attorneys to create truly unified strategies.

Our collaborative process

We’ll help unify your team and your financial strategies with your goals.

From a stable financial platform, we also help our clients launch into their next creative, high-impact pursuits, maybe by becoming early backers to groundbreaking, sustainable ideas or by creating a product line that stays true to who they are. In addition to our wealth planning services, we offer our clients experience in entrepreneurial services and close contacts with investment bankers and lenders. We are also equipped to guide our clients in their philanthropic endeavors, helping them maximize their impact in a way that works with their long-term financial strategies.

For our clients, their creativity and drive has made an impact – our goal is to help them keep making it.

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