Leading from the front

As our LGBTQ creator clients have been at the forefront of culture, they have also been at the forefront of a new class of conscientious wealth. We’re proud to help them position their finances, philanthropic efforts and entrepreneurial ambitions alongside their advocacy for equity, inclusion and opportunity.

With pragmatism and prudence, we help our clients identify investments that coincide with their goals for the world, building a portfolio that is smart while speaking to their values. We also work closely with their business managers, attorneys and accountants to focus these complementary roles on our clients’ long-term financial strategies and ambitions.

Our collaborative process

We’ll help unify your team and your financial strategies with your goals.

Within our holistic approach, we work with our clients in pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams as well as their personal ones. For instance, we understand the special considerations LGBTQ couples must often make when starting a family and can help guide them through their financial needs and risk management before – as well as insurance, health savings and college savings strategies after.

Further, LGBTQ families often have distinct healthcare needs, and concerns about the quality of care. We offer resources that speak to those issues through partnerships with health concierge, advocacy and treatment coordination services. We also have experience in creating trusts and other financial structures that can help provide lasting care for loved ones, spouses and partners.

LGBTQ creators continue to build the future – we offer support and experience to help.