Our carefully structured planning process provides a solid undercarriage for your personalized plan. It allows us the flexibility to fully customize your plan while maintaining focus on your specific goals and objectives. At the same time, it creates the opportunity to update and modify your plan as needed to accommodate changes in economic conditions, market opportunities and your individual circumstances.

We use a variety of tools including questionnaires and interviews to help us understand your personal goals, current financial situation. Investment experience values, interests and risk tolerance. At this stage we also fully explain the services we offer and our approach to working with clients so that you can decide whether our practice is good fit for your needs and expectations.

Based on the information you've shared. We design your financial plan. Incorporating distinctive features that will address your unique needs. Circumstances and goals. As needed. We may collaborate with other specialists or professionals already working with you. Such as your attorney tax advisor or cpa. When we present our recommended plan to you. We will thoroughly answer your questions. Discuss alternatives and outline the steps involved in launching your plan.

In this step. We put your customized plan into action. Using the sophisticated technology and other resources available to us through Raymond James. We will select and set up your various accounts. Place your investments and initiate appropriate services.

Once your plan is in gear. We will continually monitor its performance in terms of your defined objectives. If either you or we feel a tune-up is needed, we will recommend changes to keep the plan on track toward your overall goals. A key to this step is communication: we will keep you abreast of your plan's progress with regular reports and reviews while relying on you to keep us informed about any significant changes in your financial picture of personal situation.