Helping those who give their all to help us

As a law enforcement professional, your high-risk job means you earn a higher employer contribution rate in the Florida Retirement System. Your job can be dangerous and preserving the financial wellbeing of your family is an important aspect of your financial plan. This also means you have more to lose by making the wrong decisions. We’re here to help you make the right decisions. It’s our team’s way of rewarding you for your dedication to your job – which ultimately is to protect us.

Unlike firms you may have worked with in the past who focus more on products and transactions, we’ll help you focus more on your future. Our holistic financial planning process looks at your life in its entirety so you can make personalized financial decisions based on what’s best for you and what you’d like to achieve rather than try to fit into a prepackaged program.

At this point in your life, it’s time to make your decisions count. We’re here to help provide seasoned guidance in prudently managing your retirement income and funds.

The Iron Horse in History

The star of countless westerns, the 4-4-0 (four smaller leading wheels on two axles followed by four larger coupled driving wheels) or “American” type locomotive was widely used in North America during the 1800s, and some 25,000 were produced. The wheel arrangement was compatible with the grades and curves of the railroad at that time but the design placed the firebox between the driving wheels, limiting fire and steaming capacity. By 1900 larger locomotives were needed to meet the growing demand of passengers and freight.

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