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Your financial objectives may range from accumulating wealth to planning for retirement to making your money last as long as possible through retirement. In fact, over the course of your lifetime, you will undoubtedly pursue all of these goals. With the full range of financial services we offer through Raymond James, we can help you be prepared for all the significant events of your life.

Retirement planning

Life’s a journey; one with many twists and turns along the way. One day you’re graduating college, the next you’re leaving work behind for a new adventure. The question is: How ready are you to navigate your journey to – and throughout – retirement? Do you know what it takes to manage your money and help it last as long as you need it to? We do. And, we know it’s never too early to start planning for the future you imagine.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, we can help you pursue independence, freedom and the things that matter most to you. Your journey begins now. Let us help you get on your way.

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Estate & charitable planning

One of the greatest rewards of wealth is being able to share it with others. You’ve taken care of your own needs and wants, but it takes prudence and planning to make sure your loved ones and favorite charities last for generations. Having an estate plan to control the distribution of your assets benefits you, your family and the causes you care about and can help you mitigate potential pitfalls in the future.

We have the resources to customize a plan that not only protects your assets but also helps you share your wealth with the people and charities you care about most.

Tax planning

We take a tax-sensitive approach to financial planning and work with you and your other professional advisors – accountants, tax attorneys – to help minimize the impact of taxes. By developing and implementing strategies to lessen or shift current and future tax liabilities, we can help improve your prospects for meeting your financial objectives.

In addition to impacting your life today, prudent tax planning can play a large role in the amount of wealth you might be able to someday transfer to your heirs.

Please note: changes in tax laws or regulations may occur at any time and as financial advisors of Raymond James, we do not render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

Investment management

Whatever your goals are, it’s how you invest your assets that largely determines how soon or if you’ll reach them. Whether you’re looking to grow your money over time, generate income in retirement or preserve your wealth for future generations, confidence in your financial plan comes with knowing your assets are invested well.

We can help you narrow the overwhelming number of investment opportunities to just the right ones for you, your family and your goals.

Cash management & borrowing

Financial planning is just as much about where you are today as it is about where you want to be tomorrow. That’s why we offer you a complete suite of cash management tools and borrowing options that give you the power to manage your day-to-day finances without disrupting your long-term financial plan.

You can enjoy all the features and convenience of a national bank with the personal service of someone you trust and who truly understands you and your financial goals.

It’s like having your bank and your investment firm in one place. In fact, that’s exactly what it is.

Business planning

You’re a leader, a visionary, an innovator who built a business into a success. Your business is a huge part of your life and your net worth, so you know, too, that there’s rarely a clear-cut line between your personal finances and your business’s balance sheet.

We understand business planning is not that different from personal financial planning – it is the daily management and balance of investments and risk, and planning for the future. It is about setting goals, employing the right strategies and tools to achieve them, and ultimately realizing the value that you’ve created.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Let us help you along the way.

Risk management

As much as we don’t want it to be, risk is a part of life. And one of the most important facets of financial planning is protecting all that you have worked so hard to build. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help manage risk when it comes to your financial plan. It just takes the right approach, a little discipline, and a lot of diligence to assess the risks that could derail your life goals, and be prepared for them.

Together, we can assess where your risk lies and determine your level of comfort with it. We will explore what actions and plans to put in place to provide the level of protection you need and can count on. It’s about establishing a safety net by regularly reviewing – and adjusting – your estate plan and insurance policies to make sure they meet your needs at every stage of your life.

We can help you protect your overall financial plan, your way of life and your ability to generate income even when the unexpected happens.

Asset protection

There are prudent safeguards that can be implemented to help protect assets from the erosive effects of taxes and other liabilities, and to help ensure assets pass according to your estate plan. One important matter is the proper titling of an asset. This determines your property rights during your lifetime and how the asset will transfer at death: according to your Will, by beneficiary designation or agreement, or according to state law. If asset titling is not coordinated with your estate plan, your estate plan may not be realized.

If one spouse works in an occupation or business that exposes him or her to greater potential liability, it may be a good idea to divide assets between spouses so that one spouse keeps only the income and assets from his or her job, while the other spouse takes sole ownership of valuable assets. Creditors can generally reach only those assets in the name of the spouse with the liability. These are examples of the asset protection strategies we can explore with you to identify the ones that make the most sense for you.


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