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Suki Lambert

Suki Lambert

Business Manager

As the person in charge of managing the business affairs at Iron Horse Wealth Strategies, Suki takes it upon herself to help ensure clients are delighted with their experience and interaction with the firm. Clients can always count on her to make them feel truly welcomed, comfortable and well cared for. Before joining her husband, Rick, in founding Iron Horse Wealth Strategies in 2015, Suki worked as a branch office administrator for Edward Jones, starting in 2003.

Along with her main responsibilities of client account administration and keeping the business running smoothly, Suki also plans and hosts client appreciation events. Under her watchful eye, each event is a wonderful time for enjoying old friendships and building new ones. It doesn’t matter if someone is a long-time client or new to the practice - Suki sees to everybody’s inclusion and enjoyment.

Suki was born in Seoul, South Korea, and has been married to Rick since 1989. Along with her experience in the financial services industry, Suki earned an associate’s degree in child development from Pensacola State College and has 17 years of experience as a preschool teacher.

The Iron Horse in History

In the 1880s, most U.S. towns set their own local time based on when the sun was at its highest point in the sky or “high noon.” This created a scheduling nightmare for railroads. But rather than rely on the government to create a North American system of time zones, the powerful railroad companies created a new system. The companies – both U.S. and Canadian – agreed to divide the continent into four time zones and initiated their use at noon on November 18, 1883 – the same time zones we use today.

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