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Long ago, the iron horse not only opened the door of opportunity for our growing nation, it carried America through it, riding on gleaming tracks of hope and possibility. Today, our team stands ready to help you pursue the opportunities that await you in your financial future. Our team is ready and equipped to serve you. And we invite you to contact us, today.

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The Iron Horse in History

Heroes one day become legends and the steam engine is no exception. The Kaufman Electrification Act of 1923 mandated electrification of all railroads in New York City by January 1, 1926, and affected mainline traffic and freight yards in all New York City boroughs and the rail system of Staten Island. The first operational diesel switchers operated in the Bronx and Manhattan in 1925. The act created a foothold for diesel locomotives and ushered in the “dieselization” of American railroads. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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