Trust – this is at the heart of my relationships with my clients.

What ways are you currently and proactively preserving your estate for yourself and your beloved family?

True wealth and affluence is an experience filled with freedom and added responsibility. Many times this added responsibility can create complexities that can draw us away from our life’s quality. Any professional can quote returns and recommend asset allocation, bit is takes someone special to really listen and execute what you are trying to achieve, today and in the future.

I take my time to get a clear understanding of your personal investment motives and objectives through the following:

  • The power of consistent accumulation and compounding wealth
  • Tax efficiency as wealth is transferred to the next generation
  • How our financial planning and decision making philosophy will benefit and take care of the family
  • The need for diversity
  • The relationship of risk to reward

Questions often are such as:

  • What ways are you current preserving the families assets from market volatility and economic changes?
  • What are you doing to lower any potentially tax liability that may exist?
  • How have you set up any philanthropic and charitable interest in the most advantageous ways for the family?
  • How do all of your business professionals (attorneys, CPAs, etc…) communicate with each other and who coordinates the planning between them?
  • Who is set to be in control of the family’s assets once you are no longer able to be?
  • When was the last time someone reviewed the family’s current financial environment taking into account all asset titling and current trust/estate positions?

Establishing an effective plan to handle these vital issues will give you the confidence that you are doing everything you possibly can do which will be in the best interest for yourself and your heirs. There is no doubt that you will gain more quality of life knowing that these issues are handled. Not only will you gain more time to enjoy life’s treasures, but you will relieve any potential worries or concerns you may have. For my clients, I facilitate those vital conversations through a variety of specific techniques and a process that brings comfort to you at every step.

Managing, growing and preserving wealth for generations is our highest objective.

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