Distinctions that make the Difference

When seeking a trusted advisor to serve as your financial partner for the ups and downs of life, there are many factors to consider. Finding the right fit is essential for your financial independence and well-being.

We're different by design. In our firm’s culture of independence, our financial advisors are uniquely free to provide advice that is both personalized and unbiased, free from firm-imposed sales requirements. We believe that our independent nature allows for stronger client/advisor relationships as we search the marketplace for the individual investment products which best serve our clients’ unique needs. Read on to learn more.

The experience and integrity of our financial team

Every day, our team applies over 100 years of combined financial industry experience to providing high-quality, individualized client service. Our advisors understand that financial planning stretches far beyond Wall Street with concerns like caring for aging parents, unexpected health changes, the need for long-term care planning and more. Our experienced advisors serve with compassion as the “point men” and “point women” of our clients' financial lives providing thorough, professional, and distinct financial guidance.
How our credentials can benefit you

A well-established tradition of service

We are proud of our long-term tradition of serving clients in our community. Many of our client relationships have evolved to include second and even third generations of the families we serve. Helping others with their financial lives has been our practice ever since Miller & Gay Investment Management was founded in 1993 as the first Raymond James office in the York community. Our office is in the historic York Bank building, a locally recognized landmark in the community since 1957.

The support and technology of Raymond James

Raymond James is one of America’s largest independent financial service firms. It provides the support and resources we need to help us best serve our clients: Award-winning investment research, operational and trading support, and access to industry experts and market-leading technologies. Its unique culture of independence gives us complete freedom to offer our objective, unbiased advice without any pressure to push proprietary investment products.

Raymond James Investor Access

View your account statements, trade confirmations and shareholder communications online anytime in Investor Access. Your portfolio is continuously updated throughout the day and you can view it anytime. Your account information is encrypted as it is transmitted over the internet to prevent unauthorized users from viewing or tampering with it.
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A decidedly client-centric approach

The client relationship is pivotal at Miller & Gay Investment Management – everything revolves around each client’s individual goals and specific needs. We invest a lot of time in gaining a good understanding of the goals, priorities and concerns of each client we serve. We are here for our clients for the long term and want them to know we are dedicated to providing all the answers and actions they need.

An ongoing dedication to our community’s well-being

Passionate about giving back and contributing to our community, our team members participate in many civic and charitable organizations. We believe in giving of ourselves – and that true wealth in life can be measured by one’s compassion and generosity.

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffet