Todd Miller

Todd L. Miller,

AIF®, AIFA® Financial Advisor

Todd Miller, a founding partner of Miller & Gay, affiliated with Raymond James as a financial Advisor in 1993.

Todd has achieved his Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designation and Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA®) designation. The AIFA® designation is attained through the completion of a specialized program on Investment Fiduciary duty of loyalty and standards of care, an attestation to a scrupulous Code of Ethics, and the successful passing of a complex comprehensive exam. The AIFA® designation represents a thorough knowledge of and ability to apply fiduciary practices. As such, Todd is among the few professionals in the world with such training and knowledge in both a prudent investment process and assessment principles. AIFA® designees possess the ability and knowledge to advise clients of deficiencies in investment processes.

Additionally, as an AIFA® designee, Todd is qualified to complete a CEFEX Fiduciary Certification. CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organization that is dedicated to helping investment advisors and investment managers apply the highest standards of fiduciary excellence in their investment process, governance, risk management and operational processes.

An investment plan has many components that help to ensure that risks being taken are appropriate and suited to the clients’ overall expectations and clients’ ability to tolerate assumed risk during turbulent times.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin