Dawn McDowell
Dawn McDowell Senior Practice Marketing Associate

Dawn McDowell may be the newest member of the Page Group team, but her roots in financial services run deep.

Back Where She Belongs

My father was a financial advisor who started the practice. After finishing college, he asked, “Why don’t you come work for me?” so I did, for two years. Then, after raising my four children, I worked in garden centers and nurseries as a merchandising and sales associate. Recently, I was talking to my sister Danielle about my job, which had a long daily commute, and like our father, she said, “Why don’t you come back and work for me?” As they say, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! So that’s how I came back. It’s fun to reconnect with clients who knew Dad, and I’m looking forward to meeting new clients, as well.

Dawn has been an avid gardener since childhood. Now, she brings her talent for nurturing plants to her position as the Page Group’s Senior Practice Marketing Associate, where she interacts with clients and promotes the firm on social media.

At Your Service

My job is part marketing and part administrative, but our business, in many ways, is all about relationships. I will talk with clients by telephone and in person when they come to the office for meetings. I’ll work with the team on client projects, events and handling the website and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In my previous jobs, I’ve dealt with customers face to face and through social media. Having worked in the family business before, it feels familiar and comfortable.

In her spare time, Dawn loves working with gardens of all kinds. Her experience includes interior gardens, exterior home landscapes as well as the ever popular container garden inside or out.

Personal Growth

I’ve always been interested in plants. I had a “grow light” in my girlhood bedroom and my college degree is in horticulture. My dream trip would be to travel to Europe and tour gardens in England, Scotland and Ireland. I love the outdoors, and on my morning runs, I try to make it a point to catch the sunrise. Closer to home, I’m lucky that my four children live nearby with my five grandchildren so I can help out and watch them grow, too.

Dawn and Danielle don’t just work together – they live a mile away from each other.

All in the Family

I’m the middle of three sisters, and Danielle is the youngest. But growing up in our family, we joked that Danielle has always been “the boss.” She was born the boss. She acted like the boss. And now, she IS my boss! I’m happy to be back working with clients, in the practice our father founded and Danielle continues to lead so successfully.


Dawn lives in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania with her rescue cats Lucy, Jeffrey and Bell. She earned her Associate of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Temple University in Ambler, PA. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys running, hot yoga, gardening and spending time with her grandchildren, who range in age from two to five years old.