Serving private clients institutional in size and sophistication

The team at Palmer & Moore Financial Group collaborates with the Raymond James Private Institutional Client Desk (PIC) to serve the sophisticated needs of ultra-high-net worth clients, family offices, endowments and other mid-market institutional accounts with at least $50 million in total assets.

Elite success opens a world of possibility few will ever experience – and still fewer can navigate well. Helping the stewards of profound wealth capitalize on success is PIC’s sole focus.

Together, we are dedicated to delivering bespoke investment ideas and strategies tailored to your needs, and can negotiate transactions across a wide variety of asset classes. This includes access to deals not available on typical wealth management platforms. These opportunities are presented exclusively to you and our other PIC clients, sourced across a global network of private company executives, investment bankers and fund managers.

Additionally, we can facilitate transactions on your behalf with institutional trading desks and introduce you to multiple sources of borrowing capacity to finance both liquid and illiquid asset classes through a variety of structures.


Private market investments

  • Co-investment opportunities
  • Opportunistic direct equity investments
  • Private debt syndication
  • Direct real estate
  • Bespoke capital stack options

Boutique funds

  • New manager seeding
  • Specialized investment strategies
  • Thematic opportunities

Capital markets

  • Trade idea generation and execution
  • Market content and delivery
  • Cross-asset-class opportunities
  • Institutional pricing and service

Lending solutions

  • Asset-backed loans
  • Equity margin loans and collared financing
  • Cash-flow monetization
  • Small- and middle-market corporations
  • Commercial real estate

Private Institutional Client products and services (“PIC Services”) are non-discretionary, non-fiduciary, and non-advisory investment opportunities in all asset classes, conventional and alternative, that are only available to certain Alex. Brown and Raymond James clients who qualify as an “institutional account” as defined in FINRA Rule 4512(c), that are highly sophisticated investors with experience in independently evaluating and making investment decisions with respect to securities and investment strategies similar to that made available through PIC Services, which may include, without limitation: (1) arbitrage of exchange listed securities, publicly traded corporate bonds, and structured products with an underlying correlation to market indices, volatility, dividends, and longevity risk; (2) private markets investments, including, without limitation, illiquid direct investments in emerging private companies, real estate investments, and other managed alternative investments; and/or (3) structured credit and other debt instruments, including without limitation, collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), and asset backed securities.

Lending solutions offered by Raymond James Bank, an affiliate of Raymond James & Associates, Inc., and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.