Book Updates

2024 Defined Contribution Plan Annual Limits

401(k), 403(b), 457 plans (including Roth Contributions)

Employee salary deferral

$23,000 / year

Employees age 50 and older additional “catch-up”

$7,500 / year

2024 IRA or Roth IRA Contribution Annual Limits

Annual Limit

$7,000 / year

Employees age 50 and older additional “catch-up”

$1,000 / year

2024 IRA Deduction Phase-out for Active Participants in an Employer Plan


$77,000 - $87,000

Married filing jointly


Married filing separately

$0 - $10,000

Non-active participant married to active participant

$230,000 - $240,000

2024 Roth Contribution Phase-out


$146,000 - $161,000 / year

Married filing jointly

$230,000 - $240,000 / year


2024 Estate, Gift & GSTT Limits

Annual gift tax exclusion

$18,000 / year per donee

$36,000 / year per donee (if married and split gifts)

Lifetime Estate & Gift Tax Exemption


Lifetime Generation Skipping Transfer Tax (GSTT) Exemption


Maximum Estate, Gift, and GSTT Tax Rate


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