Investment Philosophy

Applying insight to the road ahead.

We are professional advisors whose mission is to provide clients with a conservative approach to preserving and growing wealth through the considerable expertise of our team and the proven strength of Raymond James.

The investments we recommend are based on your clearly defined goals and comfort level for risk. Managing your assets is an ongoing process that helps ensure priorities, goals and risk levels remain aligned in an ever-changing marketplace.

All of our work on your behalf revolves around three key objectives:

Wealth Preservation
After many years of accumulating wealth, there may be hidden weaknesses in any portfolio including investment strategies or inefficiencies in cash and debt management. Our broad analysis can reveal situations that may cause clients to take on too much or too little risk, cause unintentional liabilities, or result in overpayment of debt and more. We’ll help map out your financial outlook one investment at a time so you’ll understand exactly what it will take to keep more of your money working for you.

Growth Potential
We’ll work with you to refine prudent income and growth investment strategies. This is designed to help you grow your wealth sensibly and to take advantage of upside potential. Key liquidity events, like the sale of a property, and other events like equity compensation awards and managed retirement accounts will also be carefully handled in order to incorporate them into your overall wealth structure.

Multigenerational Wealth Management
We’ve evolved the concept of the “family office” into more of a “strategic-wealth command center.” Our team is skilled at handling the full range of your family’s financial needs discreetly and efficiently. We’re also very good at building strong bonds of trust and friendship with each family we serve. As a result, when it’s time for wealth transfer, we’re able to act a comforting partner who sees to all the details during an emotional time of transition.