Chase Hinderstein
Chase Hinderstein Director Portfolio Manager

Chase is a portfolio manager on the team and an influential voice in The Wise Investor Group’s investment strategy. He has a big-picture approach to investing, focusing on the long-term trends that develop worldwide. He finds taking a broad, common-sense look at the markets helps him identify which trends he believes will be the most resilient over time.

When evaluating stocks, Chase looks at companies based on a bottom-up approach, focusing on the substance and resilience of the businesses’ characteristics, and applies them to their place in the overall market relative to valuation.

Chase draws inspiration from renowned Canadian value investor Peter Cundill, who wrote: “Strategies and disciplines ought to be always tempered by intelligence and intuition.”

Chase has more than 25 years of financial industry experience built upon his academic background of economics and international relations as well as decades of fundamental analysis of businesses. This has given him a measured value approach to the markets and has made him an experienced manager of clients’ exposure to risk.

“I seek to fulfill their financial goals by knowing their comfort with risk as well as their need for it, and then matching that with the current opportunities available in the capital markets, wherever value presents itself,” Chase says.

Clients appreciate his ability to explain the reasoning behind the approach he takes and answer their questions in a manner that is relevant and tailored to them.

Chase became a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in 1997 before joining The Wise Investor Group at Ferris, Baker Watts in 2003 as a portfolio manager. He moved to Raymond James with our team in September 2022.

Chase earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations with a focus in economics from Clark University. He supports our social media efforts and is a frequent host of The Wise Investor Show.

Chase is originally from Great Neck, New York, and today lives in Clifton, Virginia, with his wife, Corey. In his free time, he enjoys golf, motorcycles and auto racing.

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