and a deep-rooted commitment to our clients
James A. Eller headshot
James A. Eller, WMS®
Managing Director Senior Vice President, Investments

As a principal partner in the Abuls, Bone & Eller Group and a Wealth Management Specialist, Jim is responsible for investment strategy and client development, and serves as a primary client relationship manager. Professionally, he brings to the group a well-rounded skill set in security analysis, portfolio management and macroeconomic strategy. Jim was named a member of the Raymond James Chairman’s Council in 2024.*

We are patient, long-term oriented and value-biased in the management of our client assets.

In addition, Jim’s relationship skills have helped to develop a deep and impressive network of professionals, including money managers and research analysts, CPAs, attorneys and other centers of influence. These contacts are a valuable source of constant feedback on the tax and legal environment, as well as investment and economic information that keep our group current on the issues relative to our client planning and investment policy.

Jim is a 1983 graduate of Illinois State University. He is an active member of the McGraw Wildlife Foundation and co-founder of the Mundelein Baseball and Softball Association. He is married, has two children and likes to camp, cycle, fish and boat with his family.

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