We carefully weigh many factors before

The challenge facing investors is determining the best blend of assets for their portfolios; one designed to achieve the return and financial objectives of the portfolio, while exposing the investor to a level of risk they can tolerate emotionally and financially.

We invest serious investment capital for individual households in the accumulation phase or distribution phase of their lives. In the vast majority of individual circumstances, we manage the entirety of a household’s investment capital. This characteristic is a pillar of the foundation of our investment philosophy and process.

Investing is both art and science. To be a successful investor you must know who you are intellectually, psychologically and emotionally. We are strategic, value-oriented, global and active investment managers.


…because we do not believe short-term predictability of markets is a feasible investment strategy for our investors. We are optimistic that economies, companies and markets will grow long term. Thus, our time frame for achieving realistic results for our clients is intermediate to long term in nature.


…because we believe estimating value is a better predictor of investment success than estimating ‘what the market will do.’ Markets are inefficient in the short to intermediate time frames. We feel that this creates the opportunity to buy better valued assets which can be both a protection against larger downward swings in price and provide the potential to earn above-average returns going forward.

Global (with a U.S. bias)

…because we believe investment opportunities will be an inevitable result of the intersection of technology and the dissemination of information changing the global economy and social structures. In the most recent decades, these factors have seen communism and socialism move toward democracy and capitalism across the globe, creating new economies and companies. This is a long-term evolution which will result in a much broader set of investment opportunities.

Active investment management

…because we believe investment opportunity is created by either human ingenuity or human incompetence. In our opinion, the ability to take advantage of either is a result of a disciplined process, hard work, and specialized knowledge. Our investment committee seeks out the broader investment opportunities. We then choose a small and exceptional subset of portfolio managers to build your portfolio. These managers are chosen for their specific expertise, collegial culture, disciplined investment process, intuitive market intelligence, competitive fee structure and significant personal financial commitment.

Our disciplined investment process.