Planning a path to your future and walking it alongside you

We believe there are two sides to any investment strategy. The first half is the accumulation phase. Helping clients develop plans and execute strategies to accumulate wealth is something every good advisor focuses on, but we believe the best advisors don’t stop there.

The second phase of financial planning, one that is often neglected by financial professionals, is the distribution phase – and this is where we specialize. In distribution, you’ll begin to rely on the wealth you’ve worked so diligently to accumulate, and having an “exit strategy” designed to distribute your wealth in the most efficient manner possible becomes the key to helping you keep what you’ve earned.

At Alliance Wealth Management Milwaukee, in addition to providing a comprehensive array of financial planning services, we emphasize wealth distribution planning. We’ll work with you to uncover opportunities intended to help preserve your assets and design strategies to help mitigate the impact of taxes, so that you can enjoy your success to the fullest and leave a lasting legacy.

And just as there are two halves to the financial whole, we believe there are two Nobel Prize-winning approaches that, when used together, allow us to provide a truly comprehensive wealth management process. By combining Modern Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Finance, we strive to accomplish two things. First, to place risk vs. reward in your favor through an optimal combination of investment instruments, and then to maintain that balance by helping you manage the emotional aspects of investing that might lead to costly mistakes.

Any opinions are those of Alliance Wealth Management Milwaukee, Inc. and not necessarily those of Raymond James. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss.