Wealth Vision 20/20 Podcast

Wealth Vision 20/20 removes the haze surrounding financial information about the markets, the economy and money helping you understand, what is happening, why it’s happening and most importantly, what to do about it. Craig Pluta and Don Mathias, both CFP®’s, have over 35 years’ experience guiding through economic bull markets and collapses while at the same time, keeping people informed, educated and sticking to strategies that help deliver them to their intended goals. This insightful vision guides Alliance Wealth Management Milwaukee’s clients up to and through the retirement phase, dealing with every aspect of managing and keeping your wealth, including investment planning, tax planning and estate planning.


Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CFP® (with plaque design) and CFP® (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete CFP Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements.


Today’s episode is called “No Good Deed goes Unpunished“ where we discuss the unintended consequences of the federal unemployment supplement, wage pressures, growing concerns about inflation, and a revolt from 21 states who refuse to take money from the federal government for fear that it’s ruining their economies.


Today’s episode is called “Death and Taxes” where we discuss the new tax proposals of the Biden administration, Who’s likely to be paying more and what the impact may be on the US economy and global competitiveness. Are we being fiscally prudent or killing the golden goose?


Today’s episode is called “Mounting a comeback” where we discuss the relentless  vaccine march toward herd immunity, the latest good news on the employment front, GDP coming in at over 4% and a dive into the risky dynamics of short selling, where investors become gamblers and someone is left holding the bag.


Today’s episode is called “a messy restart” where we discuss the positive shifting mood of the public, the challenges of waking up the global supply chain, the latest in the vaccine rollout, positive corporate earnings, and where this all leads us, including dealing with our potential future enemy …….. called inflation.


Today’s episode is called “2021 and the next bull market“ where we discuss the new administration, behavioral finance, both portfolio construction & rebalancing, new tax proposals and the single solution that just might fix nearly everything wrong with the economy. Do we need more stimulus or just to ask congress to do something uncharacteristic; follow through on what they’ve started.

Episode 8: A New Year with New Hopes - 1/4/2021

Today's episode is called "A New Year with New Hopes" where we discuss the end of 2020 dominated by the Corona Virus, the potential of a vaccine glut before summer, the timeline of workers returning to the office, and the new 900 billion dollar stimulus package with Helicopter money. Did we finally get ourselves out of the woods or did we just dig a very deep hole?

Episode 7: Mixed Bag - 12/2/2020

Today’s episode is called “Mixed Bag“ where we discuss the still undecided makeup of the Senate 4 weeks after the election, rising COVID cases along with the big three vaccine makers who predict producing 1 billion doses each by the end of 2021, and a rocketing 3rd quarter GDP of 33.1%, which helped move markets to all time highs. Is this an early Christmas gift or will Santa be taking back some of gifts already received?

Episode 6: The Path Forward - 11/1/2020

Today’s episode is called “the path forward” where we discuss the fed’s new policy and view toward inflation and what that means for the economy, the race for a vaccine in 2020 and what the difference are of some of the top makers, and the markets consolidation at a level higher than the pre-Covid high but just under our newly established high of September. Is America being too overly pessimistic or are the optimists too naïve?

Episode 5: Presidents and Stock Markets - 10/1/2020

Today’s episode is called “Presidents and Stock Markets” where we talk about my recently published paper that dives into 40 years of economic data to find out what presidential party has the greatest economic success. Who is actually better for the stock market, Democrats or Republicans? Or is it possible that it just doesn’t matter?

Episode 4: Recovery - 9/3/2020

Today’s episode is called “recovery” where we discuss the systematic decline of COVID cases from the recent highs, the stock markets rise back to its all time high, and a little know rule that allows taxpayer who use the standard deduction to still get an additional charitable deduction in 2020. Did stocks just signal a new 10 year bull market has started?

Episode 3: Emerging Green Shoots - 8/3/2020

Today’s episode is called “emerging green shoots“ where we discuss the recent rise in the markets, the meteoric pace toward a new vaccine and actionable things you can do right now to better your situation in this post COVID world. Despite the rise in COVID cases all is not lost, in fact ……….there’s reason for optimism.

Episode 2: A New Beginning - 7/2/2020

Today’s episode is called “a new beginning” where we discuss the reopening of the economy, the feds stimulus and the markets reaction. Is this market overvalued or just misunderstood? Stay tuned as we discuss that and more to find those answers and many others.

Episode 1: Countdown to reopening - 6/2/2020

Today’s episode is called “Count down to reopening”, where we’ll discuss the Corona virus, the markets and how they actually relate to each other or how they don’t……….. And……… you just might be surprised.